Monday, February 23, 2009

Our e-portfolio portal

Welcome to 3rd grade's e-portfolio portal!

Here students will display their productions and reflections on their work throughout the year.

About the teacher
I’m Maria Laura Garcia, a graduate EFL teacher and a master student in Education. I hold a post-graduate degree in English Language Teaching. I’m interested in Children’s Literature and ICT for ELT.

The project
This E-portfolio is a collection of students’ work and reflections.

To collect, reflect on, and display student’s work in response to blog-based lesson tasks.

3rd grade students.

Follow these steps in order to accomplish the tasks:

  • Create a blog using blogger.

  • E-mail your blog’s URL.

  • Write a short biography in “Profile”

  • Upload your photo or an avatar.

  • Post on your blog after finishing a blog-based lesson.

  • Follow the class schedule to know what to post in each entry.

Task based on the first blog lesson

1) Post your report on the dinosaur you chose. Write a reflection on the experience (Did you enjoy the blog based lesson? Was is easy/ difficult to follow? What did you learn? What did you like most?)

2) Read two classmates’ reports and post a comment on their work. (Who did you choose? Did you know this dinosaur? Did you like its illustration? Is the information provided relevant? Did your classmate follow the instructions?)

Your blog must contain:

  • Your biography (you’ll add this just once)

  • Posts (requested by your teacher)

  • Reflections (things you learn during the lesson)


Qualitative: 40% (Reflections, quality of posts, interaction with peers)
Quantitative: 60% of total (Number of posts throughout the year)


Our blog on dinosaurs

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